Jul 082004

A friend of mine recently said something to the effect of “Foucault’s Pendulum is The DaVinci Code, only more complicated.” Now, I read The DaVinci Code several months ago, and I vaguely remember reading Foucault’s Pendulum back in high school. The only problem is, I can’t remember much of anything about it (the latter). So, since we were at Half-Price Books when he made that comment, I grabbed a copy and have been slowly but surely reading it. I’m up to chapter 20 (I think), and so far it does appear to have some of the same plot elements: a main character researches a secret organization, and stumbles onto a “plan” concerning the Holy Grail. I’m less than 1/5th through the book right now, but I’ll certainly write something when I finish it.

Maybe if I’m bored anough, I”ll even write a point-by-point comparison. If I did so, it would definitely be the longest thing I’ve written since college.

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