Jun 302004

I was starting a new post, and saw that I had an empty draft called “Post #116”, and I figured “heck, that’s a good enough title for me!”

Anyway, the inimitable Alex King has created a plugin for WordPress called “WP Unformatted,” and it’s pretty neat. It basically allows me to turn off the stupid auto-formatting and “happy quotes” on a post-by-post basis. I’ll probably only ever use it if I post code, but it’s nice that it’s there.

And there’s another plugin that I just installed as well called LivePress that adds some nifty LiveJournal-like features (and the ability to sync between LiveJournal and WordPress); I’ve added in “Current Mood” and “Current Music” just to spice things up.

More later? I hope to start using the blog on a more regular basis, but I guess time will tell.

Update: Ugh. I hated how those extra lines looked, so I killed the plugins. Maybe in a few versions when the “Current Mood” and “Current Music” use the same CSS elements as the rest of the stories, I’ll re-enable it. Or if I get bored enough to (a) learn CSS, and (b) decide to debug the lpmoods.css file myself.

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