1000 Blank White Cards

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Apr 292004

I think I really need to play this game some time soon. It sounds like a great party game, especially since most of my friends are freaks who (at one point or another) have played any or all of Nomic, Illuminati!, and other games of ridiculitude.

Maybe I’ll be able to get a bunch of people together for a game this weekend. It certainly beats whatever my plans were before.

Update: This page is the apparent “official” home page of 1000 Blank White Cards; they have a link to the original creators’ current home page, and he refers to “Stewart’s brilliant BWC web site;” that sounds as close to “official” as it gets.


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Apr 152004

You know, I really should listen to more Deathray. It’s ridiculous how good they are. I was heading out this afternoon to mail my 1040 (yes, I waited until the last minute; it’s not like it matters; the stamp took up more than half of the miniscule refund I’m getting), and I noticed that I was about 30 seconds from teh end of Relics of the Chozo, so I had to scroll through my MP3 player to find something new to listen to. Deathray just popped out at me, and I just had to listen to it.

So what does Deathray sound like? Well, I haven’t really been exposed to that much top-40 music in the last few years, but I can tell you that they sound (to me, at least) a lot like The Rentals. Specifically, most Deathray songs (to my ear, at least) sound similar to Friends of P. Only 1000 times better. If you have the opportunity, I suggest you check them out. They only really have two albums, an emonymous release in 2000, and a disc that is little more than a big EP called White Sleeves, both on Doppler records.