Dec 012003

If you’ve ever wondered how the various Zelda games fit together (I mean, there are what, 2 NES, 1 SNES, 3 GB/GBC/GBA, 2 N64 and a GCN game), try this site. the guy does a good a job as anyone tying all of the various plot elements into a cohesive timeline (although I agree that the Capcom joint-venture Oracle games [Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons] for the GBC really don’t fit in anywhere).

Here’s a hint (well, crappy summary): Ocarina of Time. Majora’s Mask. A Link to the Past (both SNES and GBA). Oracle of Ages/Oracle of Seasons (The order is inconsequential but the games are linked by a common superplot). Link’s Awakening or Link’s Awakening DX. The Legend of Zelda (The original). Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.

But really, read the page. It’s very well-written, and does a very good job of explaining why the games go in that order. Unfortunately, the guide was written before Four Swords and Wind Waker came out, so it’s kind of incomplete there. But overall, very good.

Good like Friday’s Megatokyo was good enough for me to print out. Did that sentence make sense?

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