Oct 112003

It seems like all I do is bitch about work these days. Well, not even about work, just about the people I have to talk to. Well, not to disappoint, here’s another one.

There’s a reason I say everything. When I say “mail.devlogic.org”, there’s a reason I said every syllable. I didn’t say “maildevlogic.org”, and I didn’t say “maildevlogicorg”. Please type what I say.

And if you’re reading off of your screen to me, please say what’s there. If the blank says “mail.devlogic.org”, please say “mail dot devlogic dot org”. It doesn’t do me any good for you to say “maildevlogic.org” when that isn’t what it says. All it does is make me either

  • repeat myself
  • or

  • correct you.

Neither is enjoyable to either one of us.

End rant. There may be more later; who knows?

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