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Aug 152003

On a completely unrelated note, you should go download the TMBG Clock Radio from


Really. It rules. You should do it.

yay MSBlaster

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Aug 152003

heh. And from what I hear, there’s another one that’s supposed to launch a DDOS against tomorrow. Boy, I’d hate to be a Microsoft network administrator right about now. No Sleep ‘Till Brooklyn? Heck, no sleep ’till doomsday…


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Aug 122003

I don’t know if anyone reading this site has ever seen my VCD database site, or remembers it, but I’m writing a new version of it. I decided that it lacked certain features that I wanted (like an actual field for Format and Norm), so I’m in the process of writing it again. Of course, this also includes a tough choice:

  • re-enter all of the information, for each CD (there are probably over 5000 at this point), or
  • re-connect the old SQL server, pull the information off it, re-format the information, and insert it into the new server

I can’t decide which would be a bigger pain, so for now I’ve manually entered data for a few series (B5, Highlander, a few others), just to get some sample data to use for the database, and see what I’m missing, and what’s gonna be difficult to code.

Um… yeah.

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Aug 122003

OK, so there was considerable vitriol in that last post. I was a little perturbed; I had just finished a call with some guy on a cell phone, who was talking very quietly, and who wouldn’t speak up. I already had the volume on my headset turned all the way up, too.


Not too much going on today; I went to the store earlier and got some of these kick-ass tortillas that Kathee told me about: 3 grams of “countable” carbohydrate. Good stuff. I’m going to whip up some fajitas tomorrow night, so we’ll see how good they really are.

Hm. With the exception of that gigantic update last week, where I explained how I got Linux running on my laptop, there hasn’t really been a long update in quite a while (ever?)… I should do something about that.

Of course, that obviously requires me to do something more interesting than “sit around the apartment watching Farscape and CSI.” But it’s just so darn fun. Especially now that I’ve managed to get mplayer to play the farscape DiVX’s with the audio the correct speed. Here’s a hint: “-afm acm”. And that’s all you get.

Since I’m sitting here with over 13 gigs of stuff in my “please burn me” folder, I think more and more, each day, that a DVD burner would be a good idea. Even though it means I’d have to do some conversion to make them play on my (now “only”) DVD player. MPEG-2 and AC3 audio is the standard for DVD, where SVCD is MPEG-2 video and MPEG-1 layer 3 audio.


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Aug 112003

OK, If I’m talking on the phone to you, and I say “I’m sorry, I can’t hear you. Could you please speak up”, for the LOVE OF GOD, speak the FUCK UP!


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Aug 092003

I broke down and installed a log-analysis program on the site, so now if you’re curious, feel free to click the “Logs” over there -> on the menu, and see who’s been accessing the site.


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Aug 092003

For a laptop made in the mid-90’s, the batteries for my HP Omnibook 5000CTS are still pretty expensive. The lowest I’ve foudn is $89 from this place, and I’m considering it. Even though they’re the crappy NiMH batteries (the Li-ION ones were considerable more; the lowest I’ve seen tonight is 149.00). I figure I can get two of them, that’ll provide enough juice for 3-4 hours of use (if I’m not hammering the hard drive, and the SCSI card is disabled).

But $89 a pop is still WAY better than the $215 HP wants for one. Which I think is unreasonable on HP’s part.