Aug 172003

And after a nice uneventful weekend, I’m back. I didn’t really do anything exciting this weekend, but I did manage to download lots of fun stuff to watch this week.

I also cooked up a nice tuna steak; for 5 bucks at HEB, it’s a pretty good start to a tasty meal that’s (a) a lot more food than your typical fast-food fare, and (2) way healthier to boot. Add on a green salad and some green beans, and you’ve got a huge dinner for about 6 bucks, and 10 minutes of cooking. And only about 5-7 “countable” carbs (depending on the salad dressing).

Did you know that Extra gum has 2 grams of carbs per stick, but they’re both “sugar alcohol”? That’s a good thing, because sugar alcohols also don’t “count” when you’re on Atkins; most people just don’t think about it because there aren’t a lot of food labels that list them.

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